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Default Re: Bill Nye (Evolution) vs. Ken Ham (Creation) Debate @ Creation Museum

Originally Posted by Wagen View Post
It gets worse than that.

The Creationists have managed to permeate mainstream historical dialogue with their bullshido.

They have done it so well that even Richard Dawkins has failed to spot it.

The truth is that Darwin's work was banned in Nazi Germany and in the USSR until 1936.

Nazi racial theory rested on Creationism, not Darwinism.

I mean, why the fck would people who believe in Common Descent want to commit genocide?
Really, Nazi theory rested creationism now Darwinism? Dude, read credible historical books that show Hitler and Stalin were never Christians by the way. They both leaned on Darwinism to kill how many millions of people? In fact, used to tape victims being tortured and their skin taken off their bodies and drank wine and laughed at the tapes as he listened to them. He also used to have lamp shades made of human skin. Why don't you read Hitler's book that he wrote and tell me how much he truly believed in creationism.
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