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Default Re: If Going to a fight....

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
honestly I'll take Rocky Bleier over any of the guys mentioned

These other guys are great Pittsburgh Steelers - but I have my doubts if any of these brain-damaged thugs could do what Rocky did and continues to do

anyone have a family member or friend close to them that has been through the horror's of 'Nam? An alley brawl is nothing when you come back from the jungle filled with your friends' and innocent villagers' blood and try to continue on in the NFL and as a productive member of society.

I'm betting Rocky in his prime smokes all of them. Toughness through fear loses out to grit, determination, and hardened on the battlefield

end thread

seriously though - they're all tough SOBs in one form or another - I would just rather not fight who any of these guys are fighting
Like they always say-- it isn't the big talking, muscle-bound high school athletes that make it through BUDS and SEAL school. It is always the quiet, determined type that nobody thought was capable of making it.

Guys can take all the pics of them holding guns in the mirror they want-- they still aren't as tough as a guy who fought in a real war, then came back to play football.
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