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Default Re: Steelers Sunday / The secondary: A long, hard fall

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I fear they're going to resign Worilds to try and right the Lewis wrong. They should have let (and probably will) Worilds walk and retained Lewis. The fact that they didn't once again brings up our flawed player philosophy about kicking the can down the road with unproductive players for sentimental reasons, but I digress.

Dulac overestimated the contract that Lewis got. It would have been nice to cut ties with Ike at this time last year, resign Lewis and have him play opposite Allen. I'd go as far as saying that we wouldn't have lost the Vikings game and we wouldn't have given up 55 points to the Patriots. Tack on two wins, and we're competing for the AFC North. Once again, I digress.

Hindsight is 20/20, but I really hope they don't try to right the Lewis wrong by signing Worilds.
I'm on the fence about Worilds for the simple fact, he showed me a lot last year while Woodly has shown me nothing the last few years. It takes LB's a few years to "get it" in this system and Worilds seems like he's there. Haven't seen a lot of Worilds to concrete a reason to sign him due to all his injuries, but what I've seen last year, I like. This decision is a helluva lot harder than the Ike/Lewis one. Keeping Lewis over Ike is a no brainer, but they mucked that up!
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