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Default Re: Sports illustrateds "footballs greatest" features right steelers.

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
1978 Steelers were #10

Full list

1. 1985 Bears
2. 1972 Dolphins
3. 1984 49ers
4. 1962 Packers
5. 1989 49ers
6. 1992 Cowboys
7. 2007 Patriots (only non-championship team on the list)
8. 1966 Packers
9. 1991 Redskins
10.1978 Steelers

IMO the 1975 team was the best of the Steelers championship teams (the most talented team that probably would have been favored over any of the other 70s teams was the 1976 team, but not getting to the Super Bowl due to injuries and starting off 1-4 takes them out of the running)

I am more in agreement the NFL's rankings when it ran the America's Game series featuring all Super Bowl winners in 2006 (which leaves out the pre-Super Bowl 1962 Packers, the best team of that dynasty)

01 1972 Miami Dolphins
02 1985 Chicago Bears
03 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers
04 1989 San Francisco 49ers
05 1992 Dallas Cowboys
06 1966 Green Bay Packers
07 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers
08 1984 San Francisco 49ers
09 2004 New England Patriots
10 1976 Oakland Raiders

I think the 1972 Dolphins would lose to the 70s Steelers champs (Steelers gave them a game in the 1972 AFC championship before teh Steelers had Swann, Stallworth, Webster & Lambert). But all you can do is win them all and the only team to do that was the 72 Dolphins.

And FWIW I have not seen team since 2006 that belongs on that list until the Seahawks string some championships together - every team on the America's Game list other than the 85 Bears won multiple championships and the 85 Bears were a force of nature.

What is up with NFL networks top ten and it's 49ers bias? Everybody and their grandma on NFL top ten acts as if joe Montanna is the obvious GOAT. Hello? Ever heard of Johnny U? I get that many feel he is no 1 but please don't act like its so obvious that Joe was the GOAT like he's the jerry rice of QBs.

I wanted to shoot myself after they aired that dumb "team of the millennium" show and had the 80s 49ers beating the 70s steelers.
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