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Default Re: Can Steelers count on AB,Wheaton, Moye/Cotchery next season?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I think we have enough playmakers on the team in Brown, Bell, Miller and I honestly think many will be pleasantly surprised with Wheaton.

so far only brown has shown that he cab consistently produce 20+ yard plays. I believe in wheaton, but I'm not naive enough to think that there isn't a possibility of failure with him.

As for the monetary value invested by teams at the WR position, I disagree. Look at the Seahawks and their bunch of no name guys, with a FA in Harvin. 49ers have money invested in Crabtree and Boldin, but largely a group of OK receivers. Same with Broncos, Patriots really have nobody, but Brady seems to get yardage thru the air. I think the knee jerk managed teams invest too heavily in Free Agent WR's to compensate for sometimes poor QB play. Just look at the Dolphins.

The average pay of the highest paid receiver on a team is higher than the average pay of any other position on offense save for QB.
A good QB can make average WR's productive. Steelers have Roethlisberger with a Pro Bowler to throw to in Brown. Surround him with some more decent players like Wheaton, Justin Brown, Cotchery, etc......especially in the controlled passing game the Steelers run.

Sure he can. But what can elite receivers do for elite QBs? Their offenses produce like the 2013 Broncos and the 2007 Patriots, or the 80's 9ers, or the 90's cowboys, and the... Well you get the point. This isnt a strong enough of an argument that makes me feel we should just accept surrounding Ben with average talent.

Most important positions on Offense are QB and those who keep the QB upright. Steelers have a good RB and marquee WR. Having another top WR is a luxury, while upgrading CB, Pass Rusher, NT, Safety are more necessities, IMO.

Outside of QB, you could probably make a case that any position on offense is just as important as another. No position on this team, save for QB, would be a luxory to upgrade. We aren't stacked anywhere. I don't understand why most steelers fans can settle with an average offense but flip shit when we have an average defense. The two sides are equally important to winning games and ultimately winning it all.

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