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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Yep - If the DPRK government is ever overthrown I guess the report can be useful - until then a lot of trees died in vain to print it up - you only get tried for war crimes if you lose the war
not that its ever gonna happen , but what i'm gettin at is all they accomplish with these dumb ass "pre" trials is to let the "perp" know there's no point in going quietly because your ass is grass.... if i'm that little fat fuck (not buddha ...the korean guy) i'll show you a real war criminal when you come after me by unleashing every nuke , missile, or artillery shell in my arsenal at who ever is in range
these type of threats / provocations against already unstable , dangerous people doesn't do anybody any good. there's a reason why hostage negotiators don't antagonize the hostage takers with threats of imminent doom.
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