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Default Re: B/R NFL Top 1000 - Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Who are the 24 below him??? I can't name three who are worse. Maybe the Browns QB (whoever that may be)... but, who else???
Seven or eight of the QBs ahead of him are understandable.

Ryan was pretty solid without his top two receivers and/or a running game all year. He's on par w/ Big Ben right now.

Brady at five is questionable. While he did a good job keeping the Pats functioning as an effective offense with limited options, his athletic ability has clearly deteriorated. Luck was far more effective than him; bar none.

Rivers at two only makes sense in the context of 'in 2013', but that's a silly way to rank players outside of maybe fantasy.

Newton at eight is... well, whatever. He's young and has talent, but it's not as if he did anything more than Ryan or Big Ben. He was lucky to have a top-3 D to help him to more Ws.

Bleacher Report is fairly off in most lists/rankings though, so it's no big deal.

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
(Was that an intentional "meow"? If so, game on!!!)
Yes. Yes, it was.

And I concede!
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