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Default Re: It was 10 years ago…

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Two things:

1. San Diego gave up on Brees BEFORE that injury. (Rivers was drafted in 2094, prior to that injury.)

2. One of the reasons that Saban left, was because he wanted to gamble on Brees, but the GM wanted the "safer" free agent (Culpepper). That rift (& lack of decision-making) is the "real" reason that many think that Saban was so quick to leave the NFL... and go back to college, where he had complete control over players & personnel.
I would not trust Nick Saban (aka Nick Satan to SEC football fans) with a burnt match

If he is peddling the story on background that he wanted Brees since Brees would have been great consider the source

Was Brees still the starter in 2005 at San Diego? I know back then teams still had a first round QB sit to learn the game (e.g. - Carson Palmer) until rookie season's such as Ben's led to throwing the rookie QB into the deep end to see if he can swim

If Brees really was offered a $50 million contract by San Diego that was a lot of $$$$ for a backup
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