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Default Re: NFL Salary Cap to Rise 5% to 130 Million

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I'm talking free agents signings. How many free agents would go to Jacksonville if they didn't have the chance to build a competitive team if the "powerhouses" like us, New England, Green Bay, etc. kept on signing players willy nilly without any restrictions? The MLB has some of the absolute worst rosters in professional sports because teams will sign with competitive franchises. I'm not just talking about Super Bowl wins here, either. There are teams in the MLB (the Jays come to mind) who haven't made the playoffs in now a decade.

The MLB has absolutely 0 parity. None. The bottom feeders will continue to be bottom feeders. The exact same thing would happen with the NFL.
Steelers would be competitive. This is the NFL, it isnt like baseball. Non-guaranteed contracts help out tremendously as well. The NFL didnt have a cap for a year just a few years ago. I cant remember if it was for two years either, but no one over spent. As a matter of fact, a lot of teams spent way less like Tampa and Carolina.
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