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Originally Posted by JonM229 View Post
I saw it a few years ago. It's quite the mindfuck

Was Aaron calling himself, to apologize for basically screwing that "second Aaron's" (the one in the hood) life? Or, was he calling Abe, to apologize fir basically screwing everything up?

Here's as simple as I understand it:

Aaron went back, called himself to go to the failsafe.
That second Aaron went back in Abe's failsafe, creating a third Aaron.
Abe's failsafe was now behind Aaron's.
Abe tried to go back & reset all the wrong that Aaron had done, but Aaron was always a few minutes ahead of Abe's failsafe.
Aaron wanted to be the hero.
Rachel still dies (eventually).
The second Abe tells the third Aaron to go away.
The "prime" Abe & Aaron are oblivious... and blissfully unaware.
The second Aaron disappeared (did he leave or simply vanish?).
The third Aaron is trying to go back in time; hence, the warehouse full of time machines.

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