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Default Re: Kevin Colbert: Steelers "unanimous" on wanting Roethlisberger for rest of his car

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
guarantee at the rate he is playing (up,down,up,down) - he'll be asked for a discount/restructuring very soon (as in after this season)

Steelers fans should be excited for 2014 - if you really dissect it - we've got the best trajectory heading into next season. Don't let the Bungholes fool you - they need us or Rats to stumble hard to just get into the playoffs and then they choke in playoff competition
I think this year will be a deceptive year where the Steelers will improve simply by the Bengals and Ravens taking a step backwards. Cincy would surprise me making the playoffs 4 straight years, especially with new coordinators. The Ravens may lose Ray Rice, maybe forever, but at least a suspension of some kind. The Browns remain the clowns. So I think the Steelers can be a 9-7, 10-6 team but still be a quick out in the playoffs.
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