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Default Re: Keep or Sell: Pittsburgh Steelers Free Agents

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I agree with pretty much the consensus on this thread, but I do think we should keep Hood.

For one, he is not as bad as everyone thinks. He replaced Aaron Smith and we still stayed in the top five for run defense for the most part from 2009 - 2012. Aaron Smith is a once in a generation kind of player, and impossible to duplicate.

Our run defense didn't really fall off a cliff this year until we lost Larry Foote, who was replaced by a struggling rookie, and we lost Casey Hampton, who was replaced by guys who should be playing DT or DE in a 4-3.

Hood is an average to good DE, IMHO, and should be retained if we can keep him for relatively cheap. We have too many needs this offseason on defense to have to keep redrafting defensive line positions every two years.
Larry played part of 1 game, i don't understand what you mean?
Casey Hampton graded out worse in 2012 the McLendon did against the run in 2013.
Since i despise Hood, i key on him a lot during games.
He doesn't stand his ground, and is pushed around all too often.
He lost his job to Heyward because even our coaching staff realized how ineffective he was. Will Hood become the new David Johnson of defensive lineman. I hope not.
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