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Default Re: NFL Salary Cap to Rise 5% to 130 Million

Originally Posted by bornaSteelersfan View Post
The Redskins overspent and got penalized severely for it.

The salary cap works. It keeps all teams competitive (if the management is any good). The NFL would lose billions if there was no salary cap. There would be far less people rooting for their home teams if they consistently lost more often than won year after year. It would be more like the US government with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Hmmmm....salary cap for US jobs maybe? But I digress...

Competition is good for the sport. Even business competition to sign a good player.
That's the key and works to any system. Without salary cap, big market teams actually could dig themselves in a even bigger hole if they haven't had a good front office. You may be able to buy them all, but you only have limited roster spots. And it could totally block your young players development and it's not as easy as people think to reload the team just because they have money. Just ask the Angels and Phillies.

People may want to believe that salary cap helps to improve parity. But the fact is that it's just for the owners to pocket more money. NBA has a salary cap and MLB blows them away if we talks about parity. Without a salary cap, you then know how much the owner really wants to win.
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