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Default Re: NFL Salary Cap to Rise 5% to 130 Million

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
That's the key and works to any system. Without salary cap, big market teams actually could dig themselves in a even bigger hole if they haven't had a good front office. You may be able to buy them all, but you only have limited roster spots. And it could totally block your young players development and it's not as easy as people think to reload the team just because they have money. Just ask the Angels and Phillies.

People may want to believe that salary cap helps to improve parity. But the fact is that it's just for the owners to pocket more money. NBA has a salary cap and MLB blows them away if we talks about parity. Without a salary cap, you then know how much the owner really wants to win.
That right there is my entire point. The cap doesnt do the fan any service whats so ever. The fan is still paying a car payment to go to the game, and the team you root for has to come to the reality of knowing alot of their star players will be leaving. Owners line up their pockets and fuck faces like Roger Goodell pocket 44 million in a year. 44 freakin million for some asshole who doesnt even play and is riding the coattails of a game people love even though they are getting butt rammed whether by the rules of the game or the cheap, watered down beer at the stadium.

And for those who think big markets win all the time, well, the Knicks havent won dick in 40 years in the NBA. The Celtics were sucking donks until Kevin McHale gave prime KG to his buddy in chowderville for 3 bags of bagels and some cream cheese.

I'm gonna make one big point here before I stop throwhing more numbers.


That number right there is what the Yankess have spent on payroll for the last 13 season. Yes, that is correct. Thats 10 digits X2. And that has netted the Yankess exactly 1 World series in that time span.

How good were the Patriots and the Jets and the Giants in the 90s when the cap hadnt been put in or was just implemented? What about Chicago and Houston in the 90s? These were all big markets and they stunk.

The NFL is not like the NBA. The NBA is reliant on its one or two superstars. If they dont have them, they are toast. In the NFL, you can draft a hall of famer in the 6th round or get a perennial pro bowler as a non drafted free agent.

The irony in all this, now that I think about it, is who did the Steelers really lose out on signing in the last ten years? No one. They signed the right guys and let go of the ones that were that worth the money they commanded at the time. So, maybe I am just bored and writing gibberish...hahahah
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