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Default Re: Can Steelers count on AB,Wheaton, Moye/Cotchery next season?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
spot on post - I think this nails it - which is why I think we might be able to get a guy like Robinson in the 2nd. Do we really need the 6'5" guy in the red zone regardless of weapons, or hope Wheaton/Moye come up as next weapon and Bell and Johnson emerge as red zone options. This is why I'm looking at a 6'2"/3" guy in the 2nd or 3rd round that has more height an can fight but with more route running abilities
I agree that a player in later rounds might be all that we need. I still wont be surprised if we don't go after that 6'3" WR with good hands, because Justin Brown or Derek Moye might already be those guys.

Originally Posted by CNEW View Post
You are confused as to why Steeler fans get upset with an average defense and not an average offense. Just need to watch the playoffs and see what is more important.

Winning QB's that don't put up big stats get labelled "game managers"(Dilfer, Wilson, McMahon) that win because of their defense. QB's that put up huge stats, but don't win Super Bowls and do not have top defenses are labelled "a guy that cant win the big games" (Marino, Fouts, Cunningham, Manning, Moon).

THAT is why Steeler fans value top defense over offense. Fantasy footballers see it the other way mostly.
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