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Default Re: Can Steelers count on AB,Wheaton, Moye/Cotchery next season?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I agree that a player in later rounds might be all that we need. I still wont be surprised if we don't go after that 6'3" WR with good hands, because Justin Brown or Derek Moye might already be those guys.

You are confused as to why Steeler fans get upset with an average defense and not an average offense. Just need to watch the playoffs and see what is more important.

Winning QB's that don't put up big stats get labelled "game managers"(Dilfer, Wilson, McMahon) that win because of their defense. QB's that put up huge stats, but don't win Super Bowls and do not have top defenses are labelled "a guy that cant win the big games" (Marino, Fouts, Cunningham, Manning, Moon).

THAT is why Steeler fans value top defense over offense. Fantasy footballers see it the other way mostly.
The 2012 Ravens, the 2010 packers, the 2009 saints, the 2006 colts all won recently with a much better offense than defense. Great teams win super bowls, not just great defenses. I think, if anything, Seattle proved that to be true, if you want to use them as an example. Their offense was very well run that knew the strengths of every player. There is a lot of talent on that team on both sides of the ball.

In 2010, when our best defense in the league sent up against a great offense and failed, our offense couldn't handle the burden of keeping up.

Steelers fans want a better defense than offense because they typically love smashmouth football. I think that's proven by steelers fans on here being content with a top 15 offense but going ape shit over a top 15 defense.
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