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Default Re: Steelers run defense needs help but a nose tackle might not be the answer

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
But this is about fixing a run defense that plummeted from top-5 to mid twenties. That starts with the big guy in the middle.

The 3-4 is predicated on making opposing offenses one-dimensional.

We let a QB run 94 yards for a TD this last season for crying out loud. Teams were able to move the ball against us on the ground this year, and it opened up more possibilities for them in the passing game.

I see what you and the article are saying though-- the emphasis on DT/NT has declined in recent years. But even if he's only going to be on the field for 50% of the snaps-- we saw this season how ugly it can be if those snaps are not effective.

Teams weren't running the ball against us in sub-packages this year. They were gashing us right up the middle on early downs.
Argh. The Pryor TD was a DIRECT result of the olb biting on the fake and poor tackling in the secondary. The read option plays are designed to take out the NT and attacks the edges. Save for McClendon jumping the snap and goingnuntoucjed, he has almost no chance to make a play.
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