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Default Re: The Walking Dead (Season 4)

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
I don't trust creepy scientist mullet dude.

Sonofadick! Sergeant Abraham Ford just seems like a big 'ol dummy. All brawn. No brain. I'm interested in learning about his backstory, though, so we will see.

I'm really glad they are humanizing Michone. I've always liked her, but am enjoying her more and more each episode.

Crazy cheese or whatever that processed shit is in a can is gross.

Poor Rick. He can't even take a damn nap.

I hope Tara doesn't come between Glenn and Maggie. I'll be mad.
There was a guy sitting behind me last week in my lecture that was talking about Ford and his backstory (I assume he read the comics). While being sort of a dick and spoiling some major plot details (don't worry, I'm not that guy) he sounds like he's going to be a great character.

Also, what in the holy hell is wrong with science mullet guy? Easily the worst shooting I've ever seen. C'mon, man.
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