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Default Re: Keep or Sell: Pittsburgh Steelers Free Agents

Plaxico Burress: I didn't want him to begin with, so.....

Jerricho Cotchery: Keep. He's a solid veteran and we'll already be losing Sanders. Even if we draft a rookie WR, it's doubtful he'd contribute much year one outside of special teams.

Emmanuel Sanders: Sell. He really hasn't proven himself worthy of a big contract and is not much more than a slot receiver. Somebody will pay him #2 WR money, but it shouldn't be us.

Jonathan Dwyer: Keep. I like what he showed when given opportunities this season. He worked hard and got in shape. Being cut seems to have lit a fire under his ass. If he comes into camp overweight again, just cut him again.

Felix Jones: Sell. He looked good in the preseason at times, but did virtually nothing during the regular season. I'm sure we can do better.

LaRod Stephens-Howling: Maybe. It was a shame he got hurt and didn't play much. He looked good in preseason and I felt he may have made some nice contributions to the team. Unfortunately, he was derailed early. I wouldn't be against giving him another shot at the right price and as long as he's healthy.

David Johnson: Sell. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he just hasn't proven anything. Another guy I feel we can easily replace.

Michael Palmer: Sell. See above.

Fernando Velasco: Keep. We'd be stupid to not try to retain Velasco if he's willing and it doesn't break the bank. He was one of our best o-linemen last year after we picked him up. Another year on the team should make him even more comfortable and familiar. I'd even be willing to ship Pouncey out to keep him.

Cody Wallace: Keep. Another guy who stepped up when called upon last year. He's another reason why I think Pouncey is expendable.

Guy Whimper: Sell. We can do better. Nothing special.

Ziggy Hood: Maybe. He'd have to come cheap and possibly accept a backup role though. It wouldn't crush me if we let him walk though.

Brett Keisel: Maybe. At vet minimum, I think it'd be OK to retain Keisel. He could further groom Heyward and possibly a rookie if we draft one. He doesn't need to be a starter for us, but his vet leadership could be huge for us. We have been lacking in leadership and I think it's a big reason why we've struggled the last 2 years. Keisel showed some fire, even if his body is beginning to betray him. I'm leaning towards keeping at the vet min though.

Al Woods: Keep. I like Woods. He's a diamond in the rough. I'd start him over Keisel or Hood.

Stevenson Sylvester: Sell. He just never lived up to the potential he showed early in his career. He's a good special teamer, but not much more. Time to move on.

Jamaal Westerman: Sell. Who?

Jason Worilds: Keep. This is the biggest priority we should have. We are thin at LB right now (unless a couple of the newer guys step up) and we desperately need to keep him. Woodley can't be relied on anymore as he just can't get in the proper condition to sustain himself for a season. We are in for some trouble if Colbert and company can't find a way to re-sign him.

Will Allen: Keep. He was another valuable mid-season pickup and has played well for us. Until one of the young bucks steps up and takes the job away, we should keep him as insurance. We were lucky to be able to get him back from the Cowboys in the first place.

Ryan Clark: Sell. Thanks for the memories, Ryan! He played hard-nosed Steeler football the way it should be played, but he's done. He has another career waiting for him in broadcasting and already has one foot out the door anyway.

Mat McBriar: Sell. Another mediocre punter in a long line. We should have kept Kapinos.

Greg Warren: Maybe. Depends on his asking price. He is only a long snapper after all. He's been reliable, but can we find a cheaper, younger guy as an UDFA?

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