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Smile Re: Just sent a letter in to get on Season Ticket waiting list!

That is very true! I have been on the waiting list since '98 andwhen I signed up, I was told I would have tickets in 11 years. I do get tickets every year. The secret to getting them is to get the form in as soon as you get it filled out.

I called the ticket office this year and they told me that they no longer even tell people how long it will be before they get tickets. She also told me that this year they are sending out season tickets to people who signed in the month of Feb '96. She also told me that next year they will be working in march of '96. IF they got through the entire month of Feb '96, this year. Now I have no idea if that if true I only know what she said to me in May of this year. It did not sound too promising but like Hammer as long as I get a few tickets a year, I am happy.

If this woman is correct I would think they would have already doneall the years and months prior to Feb '96. Maybe you should call them and check on your status. :)
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