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Default Re: Jason Worilds Given Transition Tag

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The Steelers have a March 11 deadline to meet

This lengthy article was written before the transition tag was applied to Worilds

On March 11, the Pittsburgh Steelers—and every other NFL team for that matter—must be in compliance with the Rule of 51. According to Over the Cap, the rule stats that “only the top 51 cap charges (plus dead money) count towards a teams salary cap.”..

When about $1.352 million of unused cap space that will roll over to 2014 is included into these figures, the Steelers sit at just over $5.9 million above the 2014 salary-cap figure of $133 million.

The numbers for that article come from this link

Trib-Review discusses impact of putting transition tag on Worilds

The transition tag will cost the Steelers $9.754 million against the Rule of 51 salary cap number that each team much meet by the start of the NFL's new year on March 11. The franchise tag would've cost the Steelers $11.455 million

By my arithmetic the Steelers have to shed $15.6 million by cuts or restructuring after the transition tag was put on Worilds.

Levi Brown takes care of $6.25 million - need to get rid of over $9 million more
Also need to factor in Heath's contract. That should be a good 2-4 million.
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