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Default Re: B/R NFL Top 1000 - Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Fury's listing, heading into 2014 (top 10 btw)

1. P. Manning
2. Brady
3. Brees
4. Roethlisberger
5. Rogers
6. E. Manning
8. Wilson
9. Kaep
10. Flacco

I'm sorry - you had to have at least won or lost a SB to be considered for top 10. You have to either be the final piece to a conference or world championship puzzle

To those fans that understand that winning is the only thing that matters. You may be surprised to see Flacco on this list - but he is at least good enough to get hot and help take his team on a run (which he did and very well could again - can't deny SB runs) The stage is not too big for him.

The stage IS too big (as of now) for (in order of biggest flame out) Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, and Philip Rivers. It was actually hard keeping Phillip Rivers out of the 10 spot - but he hasn't made it to the big game yet with some serious weapons around him (even though ownership has done a nice job of mucking up his chances)

Most important thing to consider for these top QB lists - not making mistakes on the big stage is not being a game manager (a title I despise) - you are a piece of a championship puzzle and without your championship caliber QB play - the team couldn't get it done. If you would ask me who was a top 10 QB going into 2001 - Trent Dilfer would have been on my list (even if it wouldn't have been for very long)
I don't dislike your list (other than maybe Flacco ), but if that's your criteria Dan Marino wouldn't have been in your top ten when he played. Conversely, guys like Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer would have been in the conversation. Just sayin'.

EDIT: Whoops! Just realized you said "won or lost a Super Bowl". I guess Marino sneaks in at #10.

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