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Default Re: Jason Worilds Signs Transition Contract For 2014

Is 10m that bad for JW?? Forgetting the argument that anyone is worth 10m a year to play games....

This thread seems to suggest we could get him for 6 - 7m a year. I just don’t see how that’s feasible when balanced against some of the deals worked out last year.

Cliff Avril (same sports agency), got a 2 year 15m deal, Kruger hit 5/40, and JW is in a better bargaining position, coming off a better year, and is a (slightly) younger player than the two when they signed over a year ago.

From what I can see our option were:

Proven system player (JW)
More expensive proven system player (Woodley)
Rookie – Roll of the dice, and we need all the draft picks we’ve got this year.
FA – No proven player would have been cheaper and with as much upside. Ex. Phillips is 32.

Letting him go, would still have required us to do something at OLB and doesn’t mean you’re assured Byrd or another quality player at another position. Plus it’s not a cheaper solution. So essentially, all you’d be doing is moving your problem and most probably paying more.

TBH – I’m just happy we’ve made a decision and we’re being pro-active in keeping our best players.
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