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Default Re: NFL Competition Committee Reportedly Discussing 42-Yard Extra Point

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
of course it's gonna make them balloon. how could it not ? looking at last years kicker stats , the two kickers with the most attempts from 40-49 yards were ...
adam vineterri .. 15/17 -88%
randy bullock......12/17 - 71%

we don't know how many were from 40 yds or 49 yds lets look at the easier 30-39 yds with most attempts.
nick novak ...13/16 - 81%
shawn squuzem...13/15 - 87%

the average kicker attempted about 40 extra points last year.

ZERO kickers were perfect from 30-49 yds so extra points will be missed . i'd think a reasonable guess would be an average, of about 13 to 15 % missed.
some guys might nail low 90 % others are going to be mid 80%

but make no mistake, this would effect the out comes of games. so naturally a good kicker will become even more important than they are now. paying top dollar gets you top talent.

i just don't think the guy that spends the least amount of time on the field should be playing that big of a part on deciding who wins..
Good points. I'm still for making the kick harder though.

They were considering an alternative that awarded the point automatically for a TD (while still having an option for a two-point conversion). Would you still want to pay a kicker the same money he makes now with less work to do? I'd seriously doubt they would garner less money in that scenario.

Maybe 40+ yards for an extra point is a little excessive, but they should still consider increasing the level of difficulty if they are going to keep kickers around. Their jobs have already been made much easier by moving kickoffs 5 yards closer. Either make them earn their money or do away with them altogether.

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