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Default Re: NFL Competition Committee Reportedly Discussing 42-Yard Extra Point

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Good points. I'm still for making the kick harder though.

They were considering an alternative that awarded the point automatically for a TD (while still having an option for a two-point conversion). Would you still want to pay a kicker the same money he makes now with less work to do? I'd seriously doubt they would garner less money in that scenario.

Maybe 40+ yards for an extra point is a little excessive, but they should still consider increasing the level of difficulty if they are going to keep kickers around. Their jobs have already been made much easier by moving kickoffs 5 yards closer. Either make them earn their money or do away with them altogether.
so if you go moving the ball back to add some difficulty to extra points , hows that going to affect 2 point attempts ? will they be eliminated ? or continue to spot the ball at the 3 for just two pointers ?
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