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Default Re: Jason Worilds Given Transition Tag

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Byrd is a FS (not an OLB).

For the past thirteen years (since Darren Perry retired), the Steelers have had a free agent at FS (except for the two years that Chris Hope started): Brent Alexander, the aforementioned Hope, and Ryan Clark.

For whatever reason (maybe FS is easier to pick up), the Steelers have been able to plug a FS in right off if the street.

As far as the cap goes, Byrd wouldn't have been that much more costly.

Like I said, it's done with. Worilds is who they decided to downs $10 million on. And, I hope that Worilds stays healthy enough to continue his "sack per game" pace.
You just said it yourself. Why pay big bucks for a FS when we can get one off the street who can contribute? Why pay the big bucks to one when we really need to keep our OLB (and get a good CB)?
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