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Default My mock with options

I have included a few options in the early rounds (hence the letters by the picks) Let me know what you think.

#1A - Eric Ebron TE North Carolina
Heath is 32, he is not going to last forever. I cant see Mike Evans getting past Detroit at #10 and Sammy Watkins will be long gone by then. He is therefore by default the best offensive ''weapon'' left. Great hands and can be used in intermediate routes or pushed out and used to crack coverage over the top.

#1B - Justin Gilbert CB OSU
Best CB in the draft. Just had a great combine. We need a CB. Pretty simple. I doubt he lasts till #15 though. If he is here we have to pull the trigger.

#1C - Darqueeze Dennard CB Michigan State
Aggressive CB, didnt play against the best opponents but had some good stats. Offers great run support . Physicality is off the charts which is something i love especially with the impending retirement of Troy.

Round 2

#2A - Deone Buccannon S Washington State
This guy ! People might say this is too early but when you have a safety who plays this physical and has the play recognition skills he has available then it is a no brainer. No hes not great in zone, and yes he over pursues at time but i look at these as things that can be coached. Having the mentality to actively want to kill the man in front of you cannot however.

#2B - Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU
Intelligent and aggressive OLB. This pick might look like a bit of a luxury at the minute but it allows him time to sit and learn our defence and come in next year to form a tandem with Jarvis Jones. It would also give him time to work on his coverage skills which are lacking.

#2C - Allen Robinson WR Penn State
Reliable hands, big size. Needs to work on his blocking but at 6'3'' and 210 Lbs youd like to think that could be coached. Projects as a possession receiver which will be useful in our current offense. Whilst id prefer Bucannon i quite like the idea of replacing a wide receiver with poor hands with one with great hands.

Round 3 (anticipated compensatory)

#3A - Daniel Mccullers DT Tennessee
At 159kg and 6'8'' this guy adds the size that appears to be lacking somewhat from our line. He commands double teams which leads to a lot of favorable 1v1 matchups for our pass rushers or other d linemen. He needs to work on his consistency and hands but he really is a great prospect at this position.

#3B - Louchiez Purifoy CB Florida
Natural athlete but struggles in run support and zone coverage. He had a poor combine so could fall lower than this but considering he was garnering interest as a 1st/2nd round prospect at the start of the year...People also forget he spent a large chunk of last year learning how to play WR. I think with consistent training at CB he could be a very good option.

#3C - Ty Zimmerman S Kansas State
Another intelligent safety. Good tackler who likes to support against the run. Experience on special teams mean he can contribute to the team right from the off. He falls this low because many consider him to be unathletic.

Round 4

#4A - Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood
Tall CB. Physical. Outstanding mature character which should impress the GM. Concerns about inferior competition and his tackling ability.

#4B - CJ Fiedeorowicz TE Iowa
Drops this far because his name is difficult to spell. In all seriousness he is a tall well built athlete who has flown under the radar due to being underutilized in Iowas offence. Showed his athleticism in the combine. I like his blocking and hand catching and he could be a more realistic option than Ebron in #1

#4C - Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
Drops due to his lack of on tape speed and poor route running. Despite a lack of top end speed i see an explosive athlete with coachable issues. Another tall WR for BB

#4D - Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina
Fast. Experienced in the screen game and a very good blocker. Also has experience on special teams. A lack of size may hinder him but i think he slots nicely into our offence as it stands and could be very productive. Personally if we get him in the 4th its a bit of a steal for me.

Let me know what you think. Im doing this in between prepping for a game this Sunday so it will be done as and when i have time. 5 + 6 Next.
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