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Default Re: Jason Worilds Given Transition Tag

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Because, Byrd is a top tier player, who would make this defense instantly better.

Imagine Ed Reed (although, Byrd is not as good as Ed Reed) were available. Adding him to a defense makes that defense significantly better.

This team needs a FS, a CB, & an OLB. It doesn't really matter which one they get in free agency, but if they are going to spend $10 million dollars, that player had better be top shelf. For example, they need a CB... should they try to sign just any old CB for $10 million? No, you'd want a #1 for $10 million. Likewise, you'd want a Pro Bowl level OLB for $10 million... and, Worilds "might" be that good, whereas, Byrd already has shown to be that good.

This discussion is now irrelevant, because Worilds will likely sign fir $6-7 million... which is a better value than $10 million.
I agree with you that a top tier player like Byrd would make us instantly better, but when was the last time the Steelers went out and signed a top tier free agent (other than their own) for that kind of money? It's just not their M.O.

Besides, as you already pointed out, Worilds will likely be signing a long-term contract with a more cap friendly number soon anyway. Even if he didn't and we had to pay him the $9.75 million, it's only for one year. With Byrd, we would be on the hook for that price over a 3-5 year span.

It'll work out somehow, Teeg. Keep the faith!!!

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