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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
That's my entire point: the Steelers don't pay $10 million for players... yet, they did for Worilds.

If Worilds were on another team (he was a free agent from Denver) would you have signed him for $10 million?... or, would you have signed Byrd for slightly more? Byrd is easily the answer.

$6-7 million is fair value for Worilds. $10 million was not.
And my point is that they don't plan on paying him that $9.75 million next year. This was strictly a case of buying some time to negotiate a deal that's best for all. The Steelers can get him at a better price and Worilds gets paid and is guaranteed a starting spot here where he's found his niche. Win-win.

There's no way Byrd would have come here for the price that we will ultimately sign Worilds for.

So your point about the Steelers not paying $10 million to players will hold true, because they don't plan on paying Worilds that money.

And to answer your question, "no", I wouldn't pay Worilds that money as a FA from another team because it would be long-term and locked in. It is neither in this scenario.

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