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Default Re: Ike Taylor's future with Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally Posted by jdell View Post
Not every team has a corner that can shutdown the opposing #1 reciever, let alone do it for several years. Can you name anyone that has been a #1 corner for 10 years? Dont forget that the Steelers had the #1 ranked D for several years. Mel Blount was quoted about 5 years ago that Ike was his #1 in the league. Im sure he was being a little biased but if Ike could catch he would have been a household name. Last year was the worst year that he has had, but to say that every team has an Ike Taylor is a stretch. I hope that they draft his replacement this year hopefully Gilbert or Dennard in the 1st or someone in the 2nd. They will draft 2 corners I hope that one is Jean Baptiste or McGill.
I'm sorry, but you greatly overrate Ike. He's simply not a legitimate #1 CB, and he never has been. He's an average NFL starting CB with poor hands. Just because he's wearing Black and Gold doesn't mean that we need to close our eyes.

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