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Default Re: Raiders sign Tuck, Woodley to 2-year deals

Originally Posted by silver & black View Post
I'm not sure how I feel about Woodley. I'm fine with taking Tuck. Neither are what we need to build a team around. 1-2 years left for both of them. At a time when there is so much money available, a full draft and bold, decisive, moves that need to be made, Reggie is failing miserably.

Our GM has turned out to be a joke. He's in over his head and is proving he was not ready for the big chair. Letting Veldheer, Houston and Jennings go when you have 65 million in cap space is just unforgivable. The Saffold fiasco looks bad on the whole franchise. Now we don't have a starting LT at all.

Mark should fire Reggie before the draft but, he isn't smart enough to see that. The Raiders are f**ked for the foreseeable future.
they should do an exorcism on reggie to be sure he isn't being possessed by Al's ghost.
have you seen the movie "fallen" ? the evil spirit jumps from person to person making them do dumb shit ...
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