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Default Re: Steve Smith signs 3 Year Deal with Ravens

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
What's with all the Steve Smith hate? The dude's a beast. Make incredible stats with flunkies like Jake Delhome throwing to him in a run first offense. The dude is physical, durable, and gets the job done. I wish Pittsburgh grabbed him up to strengthen our WR corps until someone can stand up and take the role.

Great signing Baltimore. Aggressive reliable receiving from A. Boldin is what got the ravens to the superbowl. They realized their mistake when they had nobody to make Flacco look better than he is.

Smitty don't have age on his side but he has more heart than half the players in the nfl, and that is a big thing when it comes to being successful and reliable.
hines ward also had a lot of heart. didn't mean his time wasn't up.
steve smith has relied on his speed to get separation his entire career. the deep ball was his bread and butter. he doesn't have the speed any longer. he had 4 rec of 20+ yards and only 2 rec of 40+ yds.... he is not a deep threat anymore.
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