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Default Re: Why Madden NFL 13 was unrealistic

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I can't stand Madden. I bought the Xbox One version and promptly traded it in for credit on Titanfall. They really need to make it an every 2-3 year release instead of a yearly release so the developers can actually add some features to the game. As it sits it's a football version of Call of Duty. It gets a slight facelift every year, a few minor changes, and everything else stays the same. It could be so much better. Crowds could be more realistic, they could record more analyst commentary, the sideline animations could be much better, they could get rid of the glitchy physics, etc...

I still think ESPN NFL 2K5 is still the best football game to date. The presentation in that game is STILL better than any of the Madden games.
Truth. This is why I only buy it every few years. I can deal with outdated rosters for a couple of years. They should release it every few years, like you said, but then in the years in between, just release roster updates.
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