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This has to be the funniest thread I have seen....EVER.
It has all the great comedy elements, its like something out of Seinfeld - Bengalsfan21 decides to come out and admit he watches alot of very female TV and waits for the wild stampede of fellow bengals to admit that they too enjoy girls TV - it doesn't happen.
Instead we are treated to one hilarious smack-down after another delivered straight to girlie Bengalfan21's chops.
Bengal staggers back to his 'buddies' at the the Steelers forum - something I doubt his own forum will ever forget - to try and weasel in with them - AGAIN he gets blown out.

This whole show is a human tragedy - but boy is it funny.

BengalsFan21 - I think maybe you should find yourself a new team - your pathetic attempts to ingratiate yourself with your supposed teams biggest rivals have left you without a forum to call home - unles you want to make one here where the posters keep you at arms length like some sort of circus show freak.

regards and sympathy


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