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Default Re: New Rules for 2006

Originally Posted by HometownGal
... I'll mow the lawn, do the dishes, wash the clothes, iron what needs to be pressed and put all of your clothes away, clean the house, cook all of the meals, change the oil in the cars, clean the bathroom walls and floor (and seat) after you guys are done having target practice, and anything else you ask me to do, but when I ask that you perform a menial task such as taking out the garbage, I don't want a song and dance.
This is good one. More points to you. And wow. You're just like my wife. She does everything in and around the house, but I don't take her granted. I know I'm better than some men, but unlike some men I also know there are some men who are better than me (richer, good looking, etc.). So I try not to mess with what God had blessed me, and do my part (or at least try).
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