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Default Re: Mark Cuban: "Greedy " NFL Is 10 Years From Implosion

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post
The NBA won't implode so long as the owners hold such a distinct advantage over the players union and continue to make money hand over fist.

The biggest threats to the NFL's current model are injuries/insurance (concussion lawsuits, life insurance/stipends) and the dissolution of its developmental system.

Recent lawsuits have forced the NCAA to stop production of video games and certain merchandise sales. Further lawsuits could change the 'student athlete' definition (paid collegiates or a minor league system).

If the NFL had to finance its own minor league systems (like MLB and the NBA) then that would affect its 'bottom line'. A better player compensation plan would, too.

Cuban's comments only hold true in an over saturated market, but the NFL's season is so short and well-marketed (weekly events culminating in the playoffs) that their popularity shouldn't wane unless even more AFL-like rules affect public perception... but that seems unlikely (on a large scale).

As for leagues more likely to implode, the NHL has to be #1 on any list. It has two work stoppages in 20 years and it doesn't make nearly as much money as any of the other 'big three' leagues.

If an insurance company has to pay a billion dollar lawsuit to former college players, you know that they will stop covering those players.

If those players aren't covered, the university would have to shut down its football programs.

If those football programs disappear, there is no development... and, essentially, no influx of talent into the NFL.

If there is no talent, the NFL goes away.
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