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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Personally, I'm not blaming 66 for the entire ordeal. The pens move if they can't get the arena, simple as that. Even if one of the new owners wants "deep down" to move the pens to KC, it won't happen if the pens get that new arena.

We can be worried when I.O.C. doesn't get the slot license, the pig's plan B crumbles, and then the NHL doesn't block the owner from setting up plans to move the team. Let's just pray that things don't get that far down the line.

Mario has redone his player contracts several times during his career and has taken deferred payments in order to keep himself and the team in Pittsburgh where as he could have played it out, went to NY or Montreal and made a ton of cash and the team would have been long gone by now and we would be Detroit's farm team right now, but he didn't. The man has saved this team on two different occasions. While many were worrying about a new ball field for a single A ball team with ownership who doesn't give a damn and a new convention center, Mellon Arena was and still is decaying.

I'm also keeping in mind that it's not only Mario calling the shots. There are other investors as well that have a say as to what happens with the team. Mario Lemieux is a businessman. At this point I don't blame him for selling the team to the highest bidder. The politicians in this state have screwed him over on a few occasions and I recall people in this city laughing in his face when he stated he wanted a new arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Those are the people I put the majority of the blame towards.

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