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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Originally Posted by Jeremy
These articles are very misleading. Finngold is not looking to move the team to Kansas City. Redneck Heaven is simply a fallback position should the arena negotiations not work out in Pittsburgh.
Not according to this part of the article:

Mr. Fingold has ties to Kansas City, which is looking for an NHL or NBA tenant for its new Sprint Center. As recently as a month ago, he indicated he was bidding for the team with an eye toward moving it to Kansas City, but has since said he thinks it might be viable to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh.
That sure sounds to me like he had every intention of moving the team to KC. The ONLY reason he changed his mind is because of the local bidders and that Plan B "might" be viable - with emphasis on "might." If Isle of Capri doesn't win, I am not convinced that this guy won't reject Plan B even if they agree to negotiate on some aspects of it, just so he can point fingers and have an excuse to move the team out of town. I do not trust him one single solitary bit and will not until he gives me reason to.
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