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Default Re: Mark Cuban: "Greedy " NFL Is 10 Years From Implosion

After Cuban sobered up, he posted a 1500 word manifesto on his Facebook page on why football is doomed - no surprise he has changed his argument and now emphasized the points we discussed here along with some other total nonsense

Cuban: NFL issues go beyond TV

1. I wouldn’t want my son playing football, would you?... I don’t think I’m alone. If we start to see a decline of popularity at the high school and then college level because kids choose other sports, it will hurt the interest in watching the NFL....

2. Player Behavior. The NBA learned this lesson. Fans don’t like to see players acting the fool.

3. Their TV strategy today is perfect. ...

4. Fantasy Football. TV saturation is not the NFL’s biggest risk. What is their biggest risk? Fantasy Football. Yep Fantasy Football.

5. The risk of TV changing. ... The NFL, because of its audience sizes, more than any other pro sport, needs traditional tv to stay strong.

Point #1 is very valid - the rest is bullshit. Cuban originally said TV exposure was the problem - now the TV strategy is perfect. But "fantasy football" is what drives the NFL's ratings and now is the sport's biggest risk? And the NFL is dependent on TV revenue but the NBA is not?

Cuban is trolling - NFL hopefully will avoid taking the bait, although Bob Kraft responded yesterday

"He's a very intelligent man," Kraft said. "I can only speak what I know and I've been privileged to be chair of the broadcast committee. We have pretty lucrative contracts going for almost the next decade.

"I have great respect for Mr. Cuban but I'm not sure I agree with his conclusion."
“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” - H.L. Mencken
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