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Default Re: DeSean Jackson to most likely be cut by Eagles

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
i dont care much for jackson as a person but i really wouldn't mind having him on the team. AB and D-Jax would be just crazy
i would mind. i wouldnt want him nowhere near the team. he bitches about his contract as much as darelle revis. it would be no more crazy than AB and mike wallace. i'd much rather have him back. D-Jax is soft and wants no part of going across the middle since Dunta Robinson(?) lit his ass up 2-3 years ago.

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
I didnt know Desean was potentially prepping to off thugs in his pond in the back yard with no care in the world. Maybe we can compare Desean to OJ while we are at it, maybe that will be a good excuse for the Eggles for cutting him.

Desean is an a-hole. Nothing more. Plenty of those out there.
thanks for the sermon, but admit it... "we" know as much about D-Jax as "we" did A-Hern when he signed his big $$$ deal.

Eagles Player DeSean Jackson’s home broken into..likely by one of his boys??

PHILADELPHIA—When you’re a professional athlete, you’re almost always the life of the party based on your ability to keep it going financially. But as Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson found out recently, it’s sometimes best not to have the party at your house.

Jackson’s South Philadelphia home was broken into sometime between Jan. 6 and Jan. 10 while the former University of California star was out of town, according to Philadelphia Police. Police say that the receiver’s mother reported the incident after coming to the house and finding Jackson’s bedroom, which was usually locked, open. There were no signs of forced entry and the home security system had been removed, police said.

A safe, a 9-mm handgun, a collection of jewelry worth about $125,000 and about $250,000 cash were among the things taken in the burglary. Jackson is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who has information to help police.

So far, no arrests have been made. However, the evidence from the police report does raise the question as to whether or not the burglar or burglars were friends or acquaintances of Jackson’s.

jackson is from the hood, where people who commit that type of robbery get dealt with.

If Philly's complicated past with Allen Iverson proves anything, it's that the city will embrace swagger so long as it's tempered with toughness. Jackson, though, is the NFL's Road Runner -- lean-limbed, lithe, with an almost delicate quality that even full sleeves of tattoos can't mask. As such, his survival relies almost solely on harnessing his gone-in-a-meep speed. For him, football is an avoiding-contact sport. So when posed a hypothetical choice between playing football and producing records -- all money being equal -- he barely hesitates. He chooses music. "Less dangerous," he says flatly.


IT'S MID-OCTOBER and Jackson can't wait to blow off steam during the Eagles' bye week. The team is 3-3, two games into what will become an eight-game slide, Jackson five games from the rib injury that will end his season. He's back home in LA, not far from where he grew up around Compton in a football family that had him running drills every day since he was 7. He was raised by devoted parents, motivated by his father, Bill, who ended talks with "think Heisman," and mentored by a brother, Byron, who has filmed every sweat-soaked scene for a documentary that has yet to be released.

For one day, at Conway Studios, Jackson says all the right things about the Eagles turning the season around. But two facts are clear: He'd rather not talk football, and he's eager to hear his music. As veteran producer L.T. Hutton mans the audio board, filling the studio with sound, the artists on Jackson's label walk in with bloodshot eyes and sink into black swivel chairs. But Jackson is on his game, working the room, bouncing and lip-synching the celebratory anthems -- "Diamonds on My Neck," "I'm on My Clique," "Showin' Off" -- from his upcoming Jaccpot Presents. An Island Def Jam rep sits nearby. An MTV crew arrives to shoot a segment about Jackson's Bentley Continental GT. "Can we hear some stuff?" the video producer asks. Jackson looks over. Hutton hits the button. "Don't mind me / I got 50 mil ... Showin' off in this b -- / Showin' off in this b -- ."

Jackson lifts his hat to smooth his do-rag at the suggestion that if his play slips yet again people will blame his label, a venture he launched two years ago when both he and the Eagles were world-beaters. As Jackson sees it, all he must do to balance football with his seven-artist roster is delegate. For that, he's named Hutton co-CEO of Jaccpot Records. "I make sure that this world stays separate from that world," says Hutton, a producer with two decades of experience working with the likes of Snoop, Shaq and Roy Jones Jr.

hes a douchebag who likes living loose and dangerous. hes obviously not hangin with advisors and investment bankers. if he winds up shot or busting a cap in someones ass, i wont be the least bit suprised.

OJ that. i dont blame the eagles one bit if they regret dropping a $50 mil contract in his lap.
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