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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
I'm curious to why the only person who has claimed it offered 170 million was Murstein. Why does he get all of our trust as being the honest boyscout?

This is the same guy that has failed atleast once (probably more if reports are more correct.) at buying sports franchises.

It's not just about the money He can offer 270 million and still be turned down. Because once you start looking into his group you find out he doesn't have the money to make that type of offer.

People are ready to run Mario out of town but at the same time they need to realize in the real world it won't be a 5 million dollar difference. Maybe in their offers it's 5 million but in reality it could be 55 million because Murstein's group can't come up with the funds.

Again, Murstein has failed before in trying to buy a sports franchise. He got Cuban not as an investor but as a publicity ploy to try and force Mario to give a hometown discount. Why trust this guy and take his word as gospel?

It's all very shady at this point in time. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions and screaming bloody murder a little premature?
Do you honestly think Murstein would make this offer, bring in powerful local investors AND pledge to keep the team here, and then say F you to the public ? I don't think so, and that's why I trust him and would trust Finacci over the guy from Hartford and certainly over Fingold. All I'm asking for is a solid commitment to keeping the team here or at the very least, seriously consider Plan B and negotiate if necessary - I see room for compromise in the deal. Murstein's group would have done that. Fingold has given no indication that he will.

Bottom line is that there are some shady dealings going on here, and I'm not liking it one bit.

Jeremy - I'll do you one step further. If the Pens end up moving, I will never watch or attend another NHL game, and all of my Mario stuff will go into the dumpster.
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