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Originally Posted by bengalsfan21
Little do you know my friend I have more respect then you on just about every forum, well except a patriots one....Cincybengals is my home I just come here for the interaction of other nfl threads....The funny thing is when your banned from here and probably every other site that means anything i'll still be here and there on the forums grinning everytime I see one of your old post just collecting cob webs....Or when I see the official "livinginthe past has been banned" thread
You appear to have two techniques when you are losing a debate or being made to look foolish Bengalsfan21.
The first one being to immediately call for this person to be banned - this aint even your forum buddy! If someone like Clevestinks tells me to tone it down then I guess ill take note.
The second being to run crying to a rivals forum - but seeing as we are ALREADY on a rivals forum...where will you go? The Ravens forum maybe?

Im not going to get into a debate about how 'respected' you are on various forums - suffice to say that we BOTH know the truth.
Anyhow, I dont want to upset you TOO MUCH - it may push you to the extremes of mental anguish leading to a tear-filled appearance on Dr. Phil.


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