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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Originally Posted by X-Terminator
Do you honestly think Murstein would make this offer, bring in powerful local investors AND pledge to keep the team here, and then say F you to the public ?

Personally, I don't ever recall Murstein pledging he would keep the team here.

If Murstein and his group want to swallow their pride and get overly aggressive with the Pens then they can but I really doubt they will. They gave Cuban and Marino paychecks in the hopes that they wouldnt have to get into a high bidding war. I doubt they will do that now. I am surprised they went to 170!!! in fact I doubt they really went that high.

When I first found out of Cuban's involvement with Murstein, I was very ecstatic about it - I thought it would be a done deal because Cuban wouldn't strike out with the Pens again as he did in 1999. That coupled with the fact that he was also interested in buying the Pirates, the Blues, *AND* the Chicago Cubs, it seemed to me like he would not let this latest opportunity pass by.

This does call into question other statements by Murstein, like "we won't have the highest bid, but we'll be competitive." Fourth-highest is competitive?

That's not to mention what it does to Cuban's whole "I'm in this to make sure the team doesn't leave Pittsburgh" nonsense.
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