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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Originally Posted by Jeremy
It's not his fault and that's not what I'm saying. It's his right to make as much money off of the pens as he can. He is Canadian after all and shouldn't have been trusted in the first place. He can do whatever he wants with the Pens.

But I like what someone said earlier. If the Pens are moved to Kansas City, I'll be done with the NHL. I'll watch college hockey, my Nittany Lions, and my Steelers and that will be that.
Your correct, it is his right. He's a businessman. He's not supposed to lose money, he supposed to make money. That's normally how the business world works. After saving this teams ass on a few occasions, I would sell to the highest bidder and say "Later and thanks for screwing me over in the past!".

Afterall he's Canadian? What does Lemieux being Canadian have to do with anything? Was he an American and to be trusted when he saved the team the first time?

Why do you like what that other person said when you stated you are going to root for the Flyers if the Penguins leave?
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