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Default Re: Penguins Reject Cuban/Marino Group

Originally Posted by Jeremy
Because his idea was better than mine.

The Candian thing is kind of an inside joke between me and a few friends. It just kind of slipped out there. Sorry about that.


First it was Murstein when he first showed up on the radar who talked how he wouldn't be the highest bidder and wanted a hometown discount.

I'm not saying Murstein is lying but on this board people are running Mario out of town by taking this guy's word for it. Why does he get the benefit of the doubt and Mario not?

Again this Murstein has failed (admitted he failed once, been reported he failed numerous times) to own franchises. However when he talked about going after the Raptors he spun it in true political fashion. It wasn't that he came up short in the bidding it was he bailed out because of a tv deal in Canada.

We don't know much about Murstein but the little history we know about him is when he fails to own a team he finds an excuse as to why he didn't get the team. It's never he didn't have the funding, it's well I didn't want to own that team (like he admitted doing with the Blues recently.)

So here he is again out of the running and he's trying to make it look like it's Mario's fault when it very well could be his group that simply doesn't have the funding to get it done.
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