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Default Re: Bills owner and founder Ralph Wilson dead at 95

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
Wilson and Rooney were also the only owners who voted against the Art Modell's proposed move out of Cleveland. Owning a sport team is not only about money. It's also a commitment to the area. Wilson and Rooney realize that and they stick to this principle. Respect.
Agreed - the owners who bought in when making $$ off pro football was no sure thing (the Chief with the Steelers in the 1930's, Ralph Wilson with the founding of the AFL) are the foundation upon which the riches of the current owners rest

Funny story from Ed.B. of the P-G about Ralph Wilson showing off his new 80,000 seat stadium to the Chief in the 1970s

Art Rooney Sr. told me the story of how Ralph Wilson proudly showed him around shortly after the stadium opened, replacing the decrepit War Memorial. The Steelers did not play in the new stadium until 1978, so it might have been then. As Wilson wound down his grand tour with The Chief, Rooney turned to him and said something such as, “Nice place, Ralph. How ya gonna fill it if you don’t win?’’
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