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Default Re: Raiders are going to Show up game 1!!

Couple of points:

- Oakland is much improved on offense. Moss and Jordan are dynamic and Oaland will reap the benefits

- The Patriots have faced stud WRs before. Moss will have his catches and TDs

- One player does not a team make

- Oakland did not improve their bad defense from last season

- NE improved their offense

- Miami won last season fair and square. I take nothing away from their win. But when you talk about this, don't forget to add that we went on to win the Super Bowl

- Bengals fans talking smack (and I root for them. an underdog thing) is funny. Especially on a Steelers forum. Not bad or wrong, just funny

- Tha Rock is a passionate fan who loves to talk smack. We are in a bunch of forums. I'd like to see a little more analysis from him instead of one-liners. Just a suggestion.

- Oakland could easily win on opening night. I for one do not take my opponents lightly.

- Randy Moss, even with Culpepper throwing him the ball, did not score on every play. He is also known to 'take plays plays off'.

- If all the football historians are going to bring up the Tuck, then rightfully bring up Ben Dreith's 'roughing the passer call' frlom '76. Karmas a bitch.
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