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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Sorry didn't read an answer in the load of crap you just typed, but do you think Brown will go the extra mile again as he did last year when he is getting a few million less than he did last year and knows he could get cut anyways? The few million is an approximate value, I am still trying to dig up the two contracts locked up at the Pats home office. Again, as the authority, could you provide us the numbers for the two contract years(as I and CS have asked)? To clarify again, my view is Brown is going to be a little hesitant to lay it all out again.

Brown is a weird guy. Not bad weird, good weird. He is the anti-modern day athlete. He is the kind of guy who will play harder if anything this year.

The fanbase was up in arms about him being cut. To quote the current phrase-o-the decade, "Don't hate the player, hate the game." One can't fault Pats managment for the business, fault the current NFL system. The have rules and they must be followed. Now sure there are harder cuts than others, but the cap is the cap. I know you've said we could have made it work, but I don't know the numbers and I have to resort to Pats managment on that.

And lastly, Troy is Pat through and through. He again was offered more money and a larger role with New Orleans. If it was about that he would have gone there. To quote Troy, Haslett was really aggressive in his pursuit.

It's not that I don't see your point, but I think you are approaching it from an outsiders POV. I hope this sheds more light on the situation. Brown is a dying breed.
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