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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
You appear to have two techniques when you are losing a debate or being made to look foolish Bengalsfan21.
The first one being to immediately call for this person to be banned - this aint even your forum buddy! If someone like Clevestinks tells me to tone it down then I guess ill take note.
The second being to run crying to a rivals forum - but seeing as we are ALREADY on a rivals forum...where will you go? The Ravens forum maybe?

Im not going to get into a debate about how 'respected' you are on various forums - suffice to say that we BOTH know the truth.
Anyhow, I dont want to upset you TOO MUCH - it may push you to the extremes of mental anguish leading to a tear-filled appearance on Dr. Phil.


I don't remember this thread being a debate it seems as if you somehow took it completely off topic with yet again another idiotic post. And last time I checked this was a public forum so if this has changed please inform me of the new change.
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