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Default Re: Patriots are lucky!!!

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Sorry didn't read an answer in the load of crap you just typed, but do you think Brown will go the extra mile again as he did last year when he is getting a few million less than he did last year and knows he could get cut anyways? The few million is an approximate value, I am still trying to dig up the two contracts locked up at the Pats home office. Again, as the authority, could you provide us the numbers for the two contract years(as I and CS have asked)? To clarify again, my view is Brown is going to be a little hesitant to lay it all out again.
Ho Hum, Ok firstly you say you 'didn't read an answer in the load of crap' I typed....perhaps the best way of getting an answer would be to actually ask a question IronCity.
I checked - there isn't a single question in the previous post.

Anyways here are the details you were after - Troy Brown was due to be paid a $2.5 million option bonus plus $2.5 million base salary making a total of 5 million for THIS year under the terms of his PREVIOUS contract.

Troy was paid approximately 2.25 million last year in total salary.

The NEW CONTRACT he has signed is a 1 year deal worth $765,000 including a $35,000 signing bonus. Accounting for a work-out bonus Browns salary cap charge for 2005 is going to be approx $805,000.

Since the team did not pick up the option on Browns contract in early March the team is not carrying over any 'dead money' from a previous deal.

There is also a possibility, that Browns deal could now qualify for the veterans minimum exception meaning it would count as only $455,000 toward this years cap.

Ok now for the math :

The difference between what Troy was due from his original contract and what he is getting from his NEW contract is approx $4.2million

The difference between what Troy got paid LAST YEAR compared to THIS year is approx $1.4million.

From all this you can see why his previous contract was completely unworkable - these contracts are often back-loaded with money the players never see anyway.

Right, now for the opinion bit - there is nothing in any article or interview I have read about Troy Brown that leads me to believe that he wouldn't do ANYTHING in his power in order to further the teams cause.

What you have to realise is that Troy bleeds red, white and blue - the Pats are the only team he has ever known and is likely to EVER know.
There was an offer on the table from New Orleans (by no means a bottom feeding team) to become their guaranteed 3rd reciever (he has recieved no such assurances from the Pats) and of course the extra money that goes with it.

What we read in the media about Troy being 'hung out to dry' is often mindless 'off season' speculation - there was more than likely a continuous dialogue betwen the team and himself regarding his situation.

If Troy felt that he was being disrespected by the Pats treatment of him he could have easily taken the money on offer to him at the Saints or another possible team if they had come in.

I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


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